A Serious Look at Biblical Trees (#62) – Psalm 1;1-6

God’s saints are never depicted as trees (I didn’t know that; sure there are; what did you say?).

Balaam spoke of Israel as (cedar; crab apple; lign aloes; oak) trees? Num. 24: 6 – cedar & aloes

When God speaks of the “blessed man” as “like a tree,” He refers to (the source of its nourishment; the importance of its shade; the health of its leaves; the value of its fruit)? Shade? Ps. 1

David referred to himself as (a mighty oak tree; a green olive tree; totally dependent upon the Lord; a yellow bird sitting in a lemon tree)? Ps. 52:8 – I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust mercy

Under the blessing of the Lord, the righteous shall flourish like (a dogwood tree; a locust sucker; palm tree; a cedar in Lebanon)? Ps. 92:12 – Righteous shall flourish like the palm tree; he shall grow like a cedar

Where is the most likely place for the saintly tree of God to flourish (by the rivers of waters; in the house of the Lord; in the courts of our God; in Heaven next to the Tree of Life)? Ps. 92:13 – House, courts

The Spirit of the Lord was upon Christ so that, among other things (the Tree of Life might be made available to His elect; the effect of eating the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil might be overcome; the saints might be called trees of righteousness; He might know what to do to save us)? Isa. 61:1-3

Jeremiah. 17:8 suggests that (the Holy Spirit inspired Jeremiah’s words; he had probably memorized some of the Psalms; it is good to be a tree; the blessing of God is absolutely necessary)? He shall be as a tree planted

Hosea says that during the Millennium, Israel shall be like a tree (bearing twelve different kinds of fruit in his season; his beauty shall be as the olive tree; his smell will be like the cedar; his height will be unto Heaven)? Hos 13:15 – olive and Lebanon

The wicked are never depicted as trees (I didn’t know that; sure there are; what did you say?) They are

David said that he had seen the wicked (spreading like mulberry trees; quaking like aspen; dying like pine-beetle infested forests; spreading like green bay trees). Ps. 37:35 – Green bay trees

Jesus said that a corrupt tree cannot (be used for tire swings; bring forth evil fruit; bring forth good fruit; be used to build king’s palaces). Ma.7:18 – a good tree cannot bring forth good fruit, never can a corrupt tree

After the axe is laid to the root of the trees, every tree that doesn’t bring forth good fruit will be (hewn down; fed to the chipper; cast into the fire; made into coffins). Luke 9 – hewn down and cast into the fire

Jude told the saints to beware of “certain men” who had “crept in unawares” who were nothing but (clouds without water; trees with withered fruit; twice dead trees; trees plucked up by the roots)? Jude 12 – all

Christ used what tree to illustrate unrepentant Israel (pine; cedar; fig; palm)? Ma. 24:32 – fig

Since the Lord is primarily concerned with holiness, and thus with salvation, there are no Biblical commandments about trees (I didn’t know that; sure there are; what?). The Bible does have commands about trees

As Israel entered the land God had promised them, they were expected to plant trees, but the fruit of those trees was to be considered (consecrated to God; uncircumcised; poisonous; green)? Lev. 19:23 – Uncircu

The fruit of those trees were to be considered in that condition for (7 years; 50 years; 3 years; 6 months)?

During the next year, the fruit of those trees was to be considered as (poisonous; consecrated to God; holy; yummy)? Lev. 19:24 – In the 4th year all the fruit shall be holy to praise God withal

In what year was Israel free to eat the fruit of their newly planted trees (3rd; 4th; 5th 7th)? Fifth

Israel was expected to tithe on apples, pears, peaches and oranges (I didn’t know that; not if they didn’t grow them; absolutely; only if God made them especially delicious). Lev 27:30 – all the tithe of the land

Where was Israel forbidden to plant groves of trees (in the temple; in their yards; in their cities; near God’s altar)? Deut. 16:21 – Thou shalt not plant a grove of any threes near unto the altar of the Lord thy God

The apparent reason for this was – (God hates trees; ripe fruit fallen to the ground can be messy and draws wasps; trees were often used by the heathen in their worship; shade is detrimental to good health)?

During a military siege, Israel was forbidden to (eat plums and prunes for sanitary reasons; cut off water to the besieged city causing the trees inside to die; cut down the fruit trees surrounding that city; use the tree tops for sniper duty)? Deut. 20:19 – for thou mayest eat of them … the tree of field it a man’s life

The exception to this rule were (non-meat trees; non-shade trees; non-ornamental trees; bonzai trees)?



What tree was in the midst of the Garden of Eden (an apple tree; the Tree of Life; the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; chestnut)

What was made of gopher wood (Moses’ ark; Noah’s ark; the altar of incense; Elijah’s coffin)? Gen. 6:14

What was made of the wood from the shittim tree (the ark of the covenant; its staves; Joseph’s coffin; the table of shewbread)? Ex. 25 – much of the tabernacle furniture – nothing said of Joseph’s coffin

What was made from the almond tree (Israel’s wheelbarrows; the Philistines cart; Aaron’s rod; Elijah’s raft)? Num. 17:8 – Aaron’s rod???

The beloved woman in Solomon’s Canticles depicted her beloved as (a cedar tree; an apple tree; an oak tree; a sycamore tree)? Song 2:3 As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved

With what were the walls of the temple built (mahogany; knotty pine; cedar; cinnamon)? I Kings 6:15

Hiram gave to Solomon (furry trees; fir trees; cedar trees; maple trees)? Fir and cedar – I K 5:10

Another tree supplied by Hiram was the (tamarack; popular; algum; algorithm)? II Chron. 2:8 – Algum

What city was known for its palm trees (Bethel; Bethany; Jerusalem; Jericho)? Jericho – Deut. 34:3

In Isaiah 41, God promises to bless His people with trees, some of which would be (oil trees; myrtles; box trees and pine)? Isaiah 41:19 – all of these

What was made of hazel tree branches (cookies; Moses’ baby basket; Jacob’s sheep rods; the tower of Babel)? Gen. 30:37

Jacob buried his family’s old idols under (a rock; an oak; a cedar tree; an olive tree)? Gen. 35:4 – oak

What tree was identified with Lebanon and still is (fir; fur; sycamore; cedar)? Ps. 29:5 – Cedars

What kind of tree was a part of one of David’s victories over the Philistines (cedars; mulberries; pines; oaks)? Mulberry – II Sam. 5:23-24

What was made from the chestnut tree (the hearths of Israelite fireplaces; Noah’s ark; Jacob’s rods; the Philistine’s mice idols)? Gen. 30:37

In condemning the makers of idols, Isaiah spoke of their use of (cypress; oak; ash; mustard) trees? Not m

Upon what did the despondent captives of Judah hang their harps (pine branches; willows; tamarisk bows; poplar branches)? Ps. 137:1-5

Upon what did Absalom get his long hair caught (Joab’s spear; an oak branch; a poplar stick; a bramble bush)? II Sam. 18:9-10

Willows grow best along (fence rows; water courses; golf courses; alleyways)? Isa. 44:4 – water courses

What was made from the green poplar branches (school teacher’s switches; Moses scepter; David’s throne; Jacob’s sheep rods? Gen. 30:37

What tree was identified with the district of Bashan (cedars; mulberries; elms; oaks)? Ezek. 27:6 – oaks

Some Biblical troublemakers:

Which of these men led an insurrection against Moses (Laban; Korah; Gehazi; Jonadab)? Korah – Num. 16

Two others who joined that man in their trouble-making and died by living burial included (Abiram; Jonah; Jabez; Dathan)? Num.16 Dathan and Abiram

Who was the false prophet who wanted to curse Israel (Ben-hadad; Bezaleel; Balaam; Balak)? Num 22

Who caused the loss of the battle at Ai (Joab; Joshua; Absalom; Achan)? Josh. 7:1 – Achan

Who rebelled against his father (Isaac; Jacob; Absalom; Abraham)? Absalom – II Sam. 13

The servant of Mephibosheth, who brought the man much grief, was (Ziba; Uriah; Sheba; Jothan)? Ziba

The Benjamite who lead a rebellion against David was (Ziba; Uriah; Sheba; Joab)? Sheba – II Sam. 16:3

The Edomite who made trouble for King Solomon was (Haziel; Hadad; Hagar; Haman)? I K 11:14 – Hadad

Who was the Agagite who nearly destroyed the people of Judah (Haziel; Hadad; Hagar; Haman)? Est 7

Who was the man who split the nation of Israel (Jeroboam; Rehoboam; Solomon; Joab)? ???

Who was the Horonite who ridiculed Nehemiah and opposed the rebuilding of Jerusalem (Shadrach; Sanballat; Sennacherib; Samuel)? Sanballat – Neh. 2:19

Two other men who opposed Nehemiah’s wall construction were (Geshem; Tobiah; Tofu; Gehazi)? 2:19

Who was the silversmith who opposed Paul in Ephesus (Demetrius; Diotrephes; Diogenese; Diana)? A 19:24

Who was the man to oppose John in Ephesus (Demetrius; Diotrephes; Diogenese; Diana)? III Jn 9 – Diotr

Who hurt the church with their giving (Shadrach; Meshach; Ananias; Sapphira)? Acts 5