A Serious Look at Bible Vineyards and Vows (#65) – Ecclesiastes 5:4

Biblical Vineyards:

What sort of plants can be grown in vineyards (clematis; wisteria; grapes; jasmine)? Technically, all of these

In the Bible what is generally grown in a vineyard (vines; wheat; clematis; grapes)? Grapes

The Hebrew word translated “vineyard” is also translated (grapes; vines; vintage; wine)? Vine & vintage

A “vintage car” is one that is (purple in color; parked under a trellis; is old; is of high quality)? Old & quality

The Greek word translated “vineyard” is also translated (old car; senior citizen; grape; field)? Only vineyard

As far as we know who planted the first vineyard (Adam; Noah, Cain; Lamech)? Noah – Gen. 9:20

Did God approve of vineyards (yes; no)? Apparently because He applied some laws to them

If a man’s herd broke into another’s vineyard and destroyed the crop, God ordered (the herd to be barbequed; five hundred shekels was to be paid in restitution; the best of the herd-owner’s vintage was to be given; the offending party was obligated to build better fences)? Ex. 22:5 – vintage given in restitution

What was to be done to the vineyard every seventh year (chopped to the ground; nothing; burned: exchanged with the neighbor’s vineyard)? Nothing – Ex. 23:11

In harvesting the vineyard (a lack of care was encouraged; every grape was to be picked; every seventh grape was to be squished into the soil; the pickers were to be paid in grapes)? Lev. 19:10 – do not glean

According to God’s law, strangers and the poor were permitted (live among the vines; glean whatever the harvesters had missed; pull vines and replant them in their yards; precede the harvesters). Glean – Lev.19

People who were not poor were permitted (to eat their neighbor’s grapes; steal their neighbor’s vines; take grapes home to squish into grape juice; burn them). De 23:24 thou mayest eat, but not put in vessels

In Numbers 16 who complained that Moses had not yet brought Israel into a land of milk, honey and vineyards (Korah; Caleb; Joshua; Dathan)? Korah and probably Dathan

Moses promised the king of Edom that Israel would not (drink Edom’s water; stray from her highways; eat of her vineyards; steal any of her women)? Numb. 20 – nothing said of the last point

Israel made the same promise to (Sion; Sihon; Zion; Og)? Sihon, Og???? – Num. 21

Who, while on his way to Midian, was met by the angel of the Lord in a path by wall and a vineyard (David; Joshua; Balak; Balaam)? Nu 22:24 Balaam. The angel of the LORD stood in a path of the vineyards

Of whom was Samuel warning Israel when he said that he would “take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants (Nebuchadnezzar; Sisera; Sennaherib; their king)? Kings – I Sam. 8

What happened at the vineyard of Timnath (David slew Goliath; Joshua rallied the troops after Ai; Samson killed a lion; Moses made Israel drunk)? Judges 14:5 – Samson killed a lion

During a bad famine, Nehemiah was furious with Israel because people (had eaten their children; gained a taste for grape roots; mortgaged their vineyards; bought the vineyards of the poor with had no intention of returning them)? Last two – Neh. 5

Who had a productive vineyard in Jezreel (Naboth; Nabal; Nehru; Nadab)? Naboth – I Kings. 21:1

Who coveted that vineyard (Rahab; Ahab; Nadab; Calab)? Ahab

Who stole that vineyard and murdered its owner (Xerubbabel; Zerubbabel; Pachelbel; Jezebel)? Jezebel

Who denounced the man who received the stolen property (Ezra; Elijah; Elisha; Elihu)? Elijah

If he hadn’t directly stolen the property why was the recipient condemned (he possessed stolen property; he should have known what had happened; he was married to a wicked woman; he was king of Judah)?

Solomon visited the vineyard of the slothful man and what did he find (slugs eating the leaves; thorns, nettles and a broken down wall)? Prov. 24:30-31 – the last three

What did the virtuous woman do in regards to a vineyard (she bought a field for a vineyard; she planted vines; she fermented grapes; she fed grapes to her geese)? Prov. 31:16-17 – first two

Solomon had a vineyard at (Baalhamon; Jezreel; Bethlehem; Zion)? Song 8:11 – at Baalhamon

Isaiah used a vineyard to illustrate (God’s grace; Israel; Egypt; the Millennial Kingdom)? Isa. 5 – Israel

Jeremiah used a vineyard to illustrate (God’s grace; Israel; Egypt; the Millennial Kingdom)? Jer 12:10 Isr

What group of people refused to plant vineyards (Jewish rebels in the days of David; the Levites; the Philistines who liked to steal other people’s harvests; the Rechabites)? Rechab – Jere. 35

In Matthew, in how many parables did the Lord Jesus speak of vineyards (3, 4, 5, 6)? Ma. 20:1; 21:28; 21:33

In Mark 12, Jesus’ parable about a vineyard teaches that Christ (is the Son of God; will die at the hands of Israel; was born of a virgin; had blond hair)? Son of the Lord and that He will die

In Luke 13 what was planted in the vineyard (grape vines; hopps; fig tree; corn)? A fig tree

Some Biblical vows:


What is a “vow” (a part of grammar; an action verb; a promise; figure of speech)? A promise

“If a man vow a ____________ unto the _______________, or swear an _______________ to bind his soul with a _______________; he shall not ________________ his word, he shall ___________ according to all that ____________________ out of his mouth.” Numb. 30:2

“When thou shalt vow a ______________ unto the _______________ thy ______________, thou shalt not ____________________ to pay it: for the LORD thy God will _______________ require it of thee; and it would be _______________ in thee.” Deut. 23:21

“When thou ___________________ a vow unto ____________, defer not to ____________ it; for he hath no pleasure in _______________: pay that which thou hast ____________________.” Ecc. 5:4

Are vows and promises made to other people as binding as those made to God?

What if the vow involved a promise to sin?

What if the vow was based upon, or involved, a curse related to an idol or false god?

Who made a vow to God at Bethel (Ethel; Elizabeth; Jacob; Abraham)? Jacob – Gen. 28:20

The promise was that if God would (feed; clothe; protect; go with) that person………. All of these

… he would (worship Jehovah as his God; make Bethel the house of God; tithe on all that he possessed; give up chewing tobacco)? First three

Israel was permitted or encouraged to make vows when they presented to God their (sin offerings; peace offerings; free-will offerings; Passover lambs)? Peace and free-will – Lev. 22:21; 7:16

Why weren’t vows accepted with the other sacrifices? The others involved sin and the grace of God

What was the primary vow of the Nazarite (long hair; sobriety; funny clothes; separation)? Separ – Num 6

Who offered a vow which greatly affected his daughter (Jeroboam; Jotham; Jocebed; Jephthah)? Judg 11

Who made a vow which greatly affected her future child (Hannah; Anna; Hulda; Martha)? I Sam. 1 – Hannah

Who spoke of a vow to God in order to deceive David (Amnon; Absalom; Adonijah; Amon)? Abs – II S. 15

Who made a vow to kill Elijah (Ahab; Rahab; Jezebel; Athaliah)? Jez – I Kings 19:1-2

Would it have been a sin to break this vow?

Where was Jonah when he made his vow to God (in Israel; in Ninevah; in the whale; in transit)? Jonah 2:9

Who made a vow which, among other things, culminated in the shaving of his head (Samuel; Saul; Paul; Aquila)? Paul – Acts 18:18

Apparently this was a type of (Levitical vow; Christian vow; how now vow; Nazarite vow)? Nazarite????

Does the Lord want you and me to make vows of this kind?

A group of Jewish professing Christians bound themselves with some sort of vow in regard to Paul; how many were there (4; 6; 12; 24)? Four – Acts 21:20-26

Would you consider theirs to be a Christian vow? No, I wouldn’t Did Paul participate with those men in that vow? Yes, he did

Why did Paul do that (it was his obligation; he wanted to keep the peace; the church forced him; God revealed it to him)? To appease the weaker brethren in Jerusalem

A group of Jews banded together in order to kill Paul while he was under arrest in Jerusalem; how many were there (4; 6; 12; 24)? We don’t know

Did their plan involve a vow? “Bound themselves under a curse”For all practical purposes, this was (a serious threat; nothing; a religious necessity; a waste of time and emotion)? It amounted to nothing