A Serious Look at Bible Vessels – II Timothy 2:21

As generally used, a “vessel” might be (a small predatory animal; a ship; a container; a pot). Not a weasel

In the Bible a “vessel” might be (a religious vestment; a container; a ship; a utensil). Utensil, container, shp

In the Bible vessels are used (commonly; religiously; allegorically; astronomically). Not astronomically

To whom did Abraham give bread and a vessel of water and send out into the wilderness (Isaac; Lot; Hagar; Ishmael)? Gen. 21:14 – Hagar

Who used her shoulder-vessel to give a stranger and his camels some water (Rachel; Rebekah; Rahab; Ruth)? Rebekah – Gen. 24

According to Ex. 7, it appears that the common Egyptian used pots made of (gold; pewter; wood; stone)?

Who spoke about vessels of bulrushes (Noah; Moses; Moses’ mother; Isaiah)? Isa 18:2

The vessels used in the tabernacle were to be made of (gold; pewter; silver; shittim wood). Gold – Ex. 25

The vessels used in the courtyard of the tabernacle were to be made of (gold; silver; wood; brass). Ex. 27

At its consecration, all the vessels of the tabernacle were to be (sprinkled with blood; singed with fire; anointed with oil; washed in lye). Anointed – Lev. 8:11

If the dead body of an unclean animal fell into one of the common vessels of Israel, that vessel was (to be given to the Goodwill; washed with lye; destroyed; purified in fire). Destroyed – Lev. 11:33

That law apparently applied only to vessels made of (stone; pewter; silver; wood). Wood

In the ceremony of the cleansing of a leper, the blood of a sacrificial bird was to be collected in a vessel made of (wood; clay; bone china; tupperware). Earthen vessel – Lev. 14:5

Who was responsible for care of the vessels of the original tabernacle (Moses; Aaron; the Levites; the dish-washers)? Levites – Numbers 1:50

At the dedication of the tabernacle, the elders of the twelve tribes had contributed vessels worth more than (200; 1,000; 2,000; 5,000) shekels)? 2,400 shekels after the shekel of the sanctuary – Numb. 7:85

The poor could eat of their neighbor’s vineyards, but they were forbidden to use (chop sticks; their fingers; vessels of any kind; doggy bags). Deut. 23:24 – vessels (doggy bags)?

At the destruction of Jericho, what did the Lord order in regard to the vessels found there (they were to be burned; they were to be crushed to power; the gold and silver vessels were dedicated to Jehovah; all the gold, silver; brass and even the iron vessels were to be put into the Lord’s treasury)? The last – Josh. 6:24

Did Achan steal any of the vessels of Jericho (yes; no; we aren’t told)? We aren’t specifically told

Who used their wine vessels to deceive Joshua (Achan’s family; the priests of Baal; some Bacchusians; the Gibbeonites)? Josh. 9:13 – Gibbeonites

What was it that Jael opened and offered to Sisera (a jar of jam; a bottle of milk; a vessel of water; a flask of wine)? Judges 4:19 – bottle of milk

Who used four hundred pitchers to hide their approach towards the Midianite army (Samson; David; Barak; Gideon)? Gideon used 300 pitchers to hide their torches

What did Ruth drink from the vessels of Boaz (Dr. Pepper; wine; water; camel’s milk)? Water – Ruth 2:9

Toi thanked and congratulated David for his victory over Hadadezer, giving him vessels of (silver; gold; Melmac; brass). II Sam 8:10 – not Melmac

In the construction of the temple, among many other things, Hiram gave to Solomon bright vessels of (gold; silver; brass; pewter). I Kings 7:45 – brass

Solomon’s drinking vessels were made of (crystal; plastic; gold; silver)? I Kings 10:21 pure gold

What was the vessel called in which the widow of Zaraphath stored a little oil (a barrel; a vessel; a pitcher; a cruise)? I King 17:12

Elisha told the widow of one of the sons of the prophets to borrow vessels for a miracle. How many (a few; 24; 36; not a few)? II Ki 4:3 – borrow not a few

Did she borrow enough (yes; no; it depends on how you look at it)?

What happened to all the vessels of the house of the Lord during the days of Amaziah; they were (melted down for bullets; desecrated with pig’s blood; stolen and taken to Syria by Hadadezer; taken to Samaria by Jehoash)? II Kings 14:14 taken to Samaria

What did Josiah do with all the vessels which were dedicated to Baal; they were (re-manufactured into godly vessels; destroyed; burned; buried with bodies of the wicked priests)? II Kings 23:4 – destroyed- burned?

Where were these vessels of Baal found; in (the tabernacle; in the temple; in Jerusalem; intestate)? Temp

Where did Nebuchanezzar put the vessels of the Lord (in storage; into the hands of God’s priests; in his temple at Babylon; into the fire)? In his temple

Who permitted the vessels of the Lord to be returned to Jerusalem (Darius; Cyrus; Nehemiah; Ezra)? Cyr

The psalmist (David?) compared himself to (a golden vessel; a potter’s vessel; a broken vessel; an earthen vessel)? Potter’s – Ps 2:9; broken Ps 31:12

Who watched a potter making various earthen vessels (Isaiah; Jeremiah; Ezekiel; Samuel)? Jer 18

What did Jeremiah break before the people of Jerusalem, telling them that they were going to be judged by God (a bottle; the tablets of the law; a rib bone; vessel of earth)? Earthen bottle – Jeremiah. 19

Who drank wine from the vessels of the Lord which Nebuchadnezzar had taken from Jerusalem (Belshazzar; Daniel; Belteshazzar; Ahazuerus)? Da 5:2 Belshazzar

In what was the water which Christ turned into wine (firkins; water bottles make of goat-skins; waterpots; stone pots). Stone waterpots – John 2:6

What did the woman of Samaria leave behind in order to tell the people of the city of whom she met (her cell phone; her lunch; her milk jug; her waterpot)? John 4:28

What was the clue given to Jesus’ disciples to find the place for the last supper (an ass; her colt; a girl with a waterpot; a man with a pitcher of water)? Mk. 14:13 – pitcher

In Jesus’ parable what sort of good object was put into vessels, but the bad was cast away (fish; lake creatures; grapes; figs)? Mt 13:48 fish??

In Jesus’ parable, what did the wise virgins carry in their vessels (lamps; oil; gasoline; snacks)? Mt 25:4

After Jesus cleansed the temple, He forbade people there from (drinking wine from golden vessels; taking short-cuts through the temple with their merchandise containers; carrying their sacrifices in open vessels; singing secular music)? Mk. 11:16 – any vessel through the temple

“No man, when he hath lighted a candle, covereth it with” (an oil cloth; a bushel; a vessel; a prize-winning quilt). Lk 8:16 – vessel; Lk. 11 – bushel

What was in the vessel kept by the soldiers at the crucifixion of Christ (wine; vinegar; water; milk)? Jn19:29

Of whom did the Lord say “he is a chosen vessel unto me” (Christ; Paul; Peter; Barnabas)? Ac 9:15

Who saw a certain vessel descending unto him, as it had been a great sheet knit at the four corners (Peter; Paul; John; Cornelius)? Acts 10:11

Not just pastors and evangelists, but “we should all purge ourselves” from dishonorable activities and sins so that we might be vessels unto (God; Heaven; honour; good)? II Ti 2:21 – a vessel unto honour

“Likewise, ye _____________________, dwell with them according to ___________________, giving honour unto the ____________________, as unto the _______________________ vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your _______________________ be not hindered.” I Pe 3:7

In Corinthians, Paul describes Christians as vessels of (gold; silver; glass; earth). II Co 4:7– earthen

In Romans, Paul describes Christians as vessels of (gold; honor; crystal; honour)? Rom. 9:21 – Honour

Paul describes the unsaved as vessels of (stone; wood; hay; dishonour)? Dishonour

What kind of vessel do you think that God would use to describe you?

Of what kind of material are you before God?