Camp Rules

Calvary Baptist Church Family Camp Rules

(To be read, understood and accepted by all campers.)

Since camping is a public function, modesty in dress is very important. Even though your personal convictions may differ from that of your fellow Christian campers, for their sakes, as well as your testimony before the unsaved public, we ask that you adhere to the following rules:

Boys: There will be no net T-shirts, tank tops, sleeveless T-shirts, or shirts with raveled edges. All pants, jeans and slacks must come to at least the knees. No extremely tight fitting pants, jeans or slacks. Boys must wear shirts at all times, including all bike rides and game times, day and night (exception: at the water during boy’s swimming periods).

Girls: All ladies and girls are to wear shirts and blouses with sleeves and which cover their shoulders. No thin or skimpy shirts or blouses. Every Christian girl ought to be embarrassed to have any part of her underclothes exposed, including straps. Proper underclothes are expected. No low-cut shirts, either front or back. All pants, jeans and slacks must come to at least the knees. No extremely tight-fitting clothes of any kind. Slacks and culottes may be worn, due to the high activity recreation, bike-riding, etc., but generally-speaking not jeans, due to their common tight-fitting designs. Two-piece swimming attire is not permitted. If campers have questions about their clothing, they may get approval from either Pastor or Mrs. Oldfield. Their decisions stand!

Everyone: T-shirts with questionable logos or slogans are not permitted. Since the showers and swimming areas are so far from our actual camp-site, robes are not to be worn back and forth; wear regular clothes and put them over your wet swimming clothes (they will dry – probably before you get back to camp).

Cameras are not permitted in the swimming areas. The film, cards and disks with pictures taken in swimming areas will be confiscated by the pastor and the loss will be yours. No one is permitted to visit the public swimming beach. No rock-&-roll, hip-hop, rap or other varieties of modern music will be permitted, whether prerecorded or spontaneous. Generally speaking, there is no need for radios, CDs, or other kinds of media at camp.

Guests are welcome and encouraged, whether for the week or an hour, but they are to be informed of these rules prior to their arrival in camp and they are expected to follow them. Church members who invite guests, are responsible for their friends’ behaviour and attire.

As the camp leaders cannot be everywhere, we ask, and give permission to all adult members of Calvary Baptist Church, to help enforce these rules, doing so with kindness and wisdom. Any serious infractions of the rules or morals which cannot be easily addressed should be submitted to the Pastor or Mrs. Oldfield.