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This Sunday in Baptist History

December 4

Nathaniel Chambles was born on this day in 1762. The place was Sussex, Virginia. His parents were godly Baptists, but Nathaniel was not converted until sometime during his 26th year. He was baptized and received into the High Hills Baptist Church. Nearly twenty years later that church called for his ordination and requested that he become their pastor, which he humbly did.

Nathaniel Chambles did not become famous or remarkable in any way, but he was a solid pastor of the people which the Lord gave him. And then in 1822, while still in the same church, he began to exhort his people to humble themselves and to become more fervent for the Lord. The Holy Spirit began to move about them, and in the next year 60 to 70 people joined the church through baptism. The sixty-year old preacher was rejuvenated, and began to feel young again, prospering for about three years.

That is when his lungs began to fail him. He still tried to preach and teach, but he had no volume or strength, yet he continued until within weeks of his passing. When he could no longer even speak quietly, it was obvious to his family and church members that he was totally at peace. He had carried out the responsibilities which the Lord had given him without envying others and without any regret. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord…. that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.”

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