November 24

In the 1830’s Polk County, Missouri, was a part of the “Wild West” with small log cabins rarely less than five miles from each other. The people living in those cabins needed the Saviour as much as those living in the large cities.
D.R. Murphy was born on this day in 1802. As a young married man, while living outside of Knoxville, Tennessee in complete disregard for God, he came under such conviction of sin that he despaired of life. But God broke his heart with divine love and gave to the young man a peace and confidence of salvation in Christ Jesus. He was immersed and joined the Mill Spring Baptist Church on September 3, 1832.
With a love in his heart for the Lord, he began preaching the gospel. He was ordained in 1834 and after ministering in the vicinity of his home, he felt a burden for the spiritual needs out west. Brother Murphy moved his family to western Missouri in 1839 and secured a home for them, before beginning an itinerant preaching ministry. The Lord blessed his work abundantly. In April 1840 a Baptist church was established in Enon, then in August the Mount Zion Baptist church was formed, followed by the Coon Creek church the following July. During his thirty-five year ministry, the Lord established thirty churches in several Missouri counties.
After the death of his first wife, pastor Murphy married the widow Cedar, who labored beside him another 23 years. It was she who reported the death of her 73-year-old spouse with the words, “My husband’s death was a most triumphant one. He suffered intensely for four months, and was patient and meek…. The last song we sung was, ‘I am going home to die no more,’ when he reached forth his lean, trembling hand, bid adieu to all who were present, and praised God for redeeming love.”