March 2017

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Much Sickness

During the month of March we have had one or more of our regular attendees absent from our services due to sickness. There is record amounts of red cedar pollen in the air causing many to have allergy problems, including myself. Additionally, there is a new type of flu going around that the flu shot prevention effort is not preventing. After a visit with the allergy specialist and prescriptions for medications, I was able to preach each service during the month.

Scriptural Baptism Requested

Bro. Joshua Bruno has presented himself for scriptural baptism and church membership, so I have planned to start teaching a Thursday evening class on the Articles of Faith of our home church. These will begin in April, the first article being on the subject of what we believe about the Holy Bible. Bro. Bruno has only been saved for about one year and has only been coming to our services for about two months. He carries much emotional baggage with him as a result of his past sinful life, and is a sufferer of PTSD. He has a service dog that he uses to help himself maintain control of his emotions to some degree. He had been living in his car and was without work until Bro. Ruben Torres took him home to live with him, trying to help him become stabilized. Please remember Bro. Bruno in prayer and Bro. Torres who is trying to help him.

Prison Ministry Curtailed

Bro. and Mrs. Dick Gaches have conducted a prison ministry for over forty years under the auspices of Grace Baptist Church. Recently, the state prison in Cushing, Ok., where they have been serving the Lord, closed down their Wednesday evening Bible classes. Someone else will now be teaching some psychological selfhelp classes or general allreligions class to the inmates instead of the Bible a big mistake. Nevertheless, the Gacheses will continue their Sunday evening Bible classes at the state prison until they are informed otherwise. Please pray for the Gacheses and this prison ministry which has been their heartsdesire for so many years. Although attendance at their Bible classes varies, they usually have between 65 and 85 inmates come to study the Bible with them. How much longer this Sunday evening opportunity remains available to them they do not know. Additionally, Bro. Gaches goes to the local jail each Sunday afternoon to conduct services in it. Please remember all of these things in prayer!

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Timothy & Roxanne Parrow