June 2019

Dear Pastor and Brethren:

Return Visitors

On the thirteenth of June, our Thursday service, we had Angie visit with us again and on Sunday the twenty-third, LaShonda came without her two boys. We had thirteen in our service that Sunday morning, with Al Christian attending as well as Joe Ball and Desirae. I preached on Jn.17:17 where our Lord prays, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” Such a prayer makes for good preaching, and therefore I preached on the doctrine of sanctification, defining it and looking at it in the Holy Scriptures. The next Sunday only the faithful nine of us were in attendance, but we rejoice to preach to whomever the Lord brings our way.

Spanish Outreach

Our attempt to reach the Latino community has dwindled, and although we have dealt with some Latinos, we have not been able to give out any literature except to one young man, Miguel Angel. With all of the illegal activity happening on the border, one would think that we would have many more Latinos in our area. Such is not the case, however, yet. Perhaps they will come to our area and the Lord will give us more opportunities to reach them in the future.

Other Activities

We thank the Lord that we were able to buy about eight tons of gravel to fix our washed out driveway. We could have used more but the cost of the gravel has gone up considerably because of the need to fix so many roads and bridges that were washed out from the great amount of rain we had in May. Our road to the south is now open but the county road grader operator needs to fix it with several passes with his grader. The road closed signs are still in place, but they have been put to one side so that traffic can get through.

I went to the cardiologist and had blood drawn and tested for lipid levels. My cholesterol was acceptable but my triglycerides were high. Therefore, I am trying to reduce my triglyceride levels by eating less carbohydrates and mostly meat and vegetables. My cardiologist wants me back in three months instead of six to check those triglycerides again. Otherwise, my heart seems to be doing well, thank the Lord, and thank you all for your continued prayers.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim & Roxanne Parrow