In 1977 I bought a set of B.H. Carroll's An Interpretation of the English Bible and began reading. I found it fascinating, revealing, humorous, thought-provoking and just plain delightful – as I'm sure that hundreds of others have found it over the last, nearly, hundred years.

Not only was Carroll a great Baptist preacher and seminary administrator, but he was an officer in the Civil war, an astute observer of his day, somewhat of a frontiersman, and thoroughly well read in everything from the newspaper to the latest novel. These things greatly enhanced the depth of his preaching, teaching and writing.

But since my first reading, I've often tried to find specific remarks, and failed, due to the lack of any kind of published index. That lack provoked me to re-read the entire set and keep notes. The product of those delightful hours has been the compilation of an hundred-page index, including both topical and scriptural notes.

In the following files you will find that index, which you are free to download and print to a hard copy, or to use right here. If you find it to be a blessing, please consider sending an offering toward defraying the cost of this site and the production of further material.

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K. David Oldfield

Editor, The Index to B.H. Carroll's An Interpretation of the English Bible


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