Bible Paradoxes and Pastors (#49) – Matthew 16:25


A “paradox” is (medical consulting team; an unanswerable conundrum; a resident of Paradise; a statement or proposition that, despite apparently sound reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that seems senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory)? The last one

Synonyms for “paradox” include (anomaly; absurdity; inconsistency; enigma)? All of these?

Would you say that science (loves; fears; denies; accepts) paradoxes? ?????????

Why aren’t we surprised to find paradoxes in the Bible – because (God is such a comedian; the Bible is a collection of myths; Jehovah is omnipotent; God is infinite)? God is infinite and all powerful

Which of the following are not paradoxes (A Cretan says, “all Cretan are liars;” “Is the word ‘heterological,’ meaning ‘not applicable to itself,’ a heterological word?” “This sentence is false;” as Socrates said, “I know that I know nothing at all.” They all are

Paradoxes which apply to Christ:

Christ was the “Water of Life” but He (hungered; was eternal; thirsted; turned water into wine). Jn 19:24

Matthew 11 suggests that He was sometimes weary, but Christ is our (strength; rest; crutch; hope for eternal life)? 11:29 – come unto me and I will give you rest

Christ is the King of Kings , but in Matthew 17 we see him (bowing to Herod; honoring Pilate; paying tribute; giving away His crown)? 17:27 – paying tribute or tax money

Many times we read of Christ’s prayers (but we are taught to address God in Jesus’ name; that He hears our prayers; that He doesn’t really need to pray; that prayer is a waste of time)?

Jesus wept, but (we are told not to weep; God shall wipe away our tears; God didn’t wipe away Jesus’ tears; there will be no weeping in heaven). Rev. 21:4

Christ was sold for thirty pieces of silver, but He is (of more value than many sparrows; He created that silver; He died to redeem an innumerable host of people; the money was returned).

The Saviour was led as a sheep to the slaughter, but (He is the Good Shepherd; He is the Lamb of God, slain before the foundation of the world; Psalm 23 is all about Him; He is the Great Shepherd). Heb 13:20

Christ died, but He is (the way; the truth; the life; resurrection)?

Christ died in darkness, but He (is the resurrection and the life; Son of God: the Light of the World; once said “let there be light).

Paradoxes which apply to God’s saints:

According to Ephesians 3, it is possible to know the love of Christ which is (ethereal; eternal; surpasses human knowledge; Heavenly)? 3:19 – to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge

According to Matthew 16 in saving our lives (we please God; we lose them; we please the Devil; we live for ever)? 16:25 – we lose them

The point is – if we please ourselves (we please the Devil; we displease the Lord; we waste our God-given potential; we die young)?

The loss of this life (may be years ahead; may be spiritual; will be eternal; may be immediate)?

In II Corinthians 6, Paul tells us that we may be anonymous and almost “invisible,” but at the same time (well known; in the public eye; ethereal; famous)? 6:9 – “as unknown, yet well known.”

The point is – worldly obscurity doesn’t mean (victory; divine forgetfulness; earthly uselessness; that we should be discouraged)?

According to II Corinthians 12 Paul heard words which (had yet to be spoken; had not yet been put into a dictionary; couldn’t be spoken; were illegal)? 12:4 – unspeakable – which not lawful for a man to utter

II Corinthians 4 tells us that we may see things which are (far into the future; in our previous lives; not seen; not seeable)? 4:18 – we look at the things which are not seen

According to John 12, in one sense, loving one’s own life is a bad idea, but hating it means (eternal life; keeping it; ends in suicide; results in lots of friends)? 12:25 – “he that hateth his life in this world keep – EL

According to II Corinthians 6 it is possible to be sorrowful and yet to (always be a blessing to others; to always trust in God; to always fake a smile; to always rejoice)? 6:10 – rejoice

According to Matthew 10, he who loses his life for Christ (will be found by God; will find it himself; will be dead; will be resurrected)? 10:39 – will find it

According to II Corinthians 6, it is possible to be constantly struggling with personal finances and yet (to be rich; to make others rich; to appear to be rich; to have eternal reward)? 6:10 – yet making many rich

According to II Cor. 12, it is possible to be strong when one is (not still in training; distressed; weak; poked full of holes)? 12:10 – <> I take pleasure in infirm, repr; nec; pers; distr, for when I am weak, then am I str

According to John 12, what is required in order to bring forth life (life; rain; death; God)? 12:24 except corn

According to II Corinthians 6, it is possible to have nothing (and still be full and healthy; to possess all things; have lots of friends; to be satisfied)? 6:10 – and yet possessing all things

The point is – (don’t be covetous; don’t worry; in Christ we possess all we need; the end justifies the means)? Not the last

In II Corinthians 6, Paul tells us that we should, in a sense, be living as if we were dying, but not (sick; dead; in dependence upon the world; in dependence upon God). 6:25 – “as dying & behold we live”

Pastors:  Definition:

The term “pastor” literally refers to (a cleric; a rector; a bishop; a shepherd)? Shepherd – feeder

The term “pastor” or “pastors” are found more often in which Testament (Old; New)? 8 to 1 Old Testament

Synonyms for “pastor” include (bishop; elder; teacher; preacher)?

Judging from their respective numbers, which might be the most scriptural title for the one God establishes to lead His congregations (pastor; bishop; elder; pope)? Elder?

Pastoral Duties:

What pastoral duty does Matthew 28 suggest (feeding the flock; sweeping the floor; administering baptism; nursery duty)? 28:19-20

What pastoral duty does I Timothy 2 suggest (prayer; study; preaching; teaching)? 2:1 – prayer

What pastoral duty does II Timothy 2 suggest (prayer; study; preaching; teaching)? 2:15 – study

What pastoral duty does I Timothy 4 suggest (mowing the lawn; emptying the trash; warn the flock; preach the Word)? 4:1-2 – preach and warn

What pastoral duty does Acts 20 suggest (washing the windows; offering sacrifices; feeding the flock; prayer)? 20:28 – feed

What is another duty suggested by that scripture (discipline his children; be circumspect; vacuum the carpets; exercise authority)? Oversee and take heed

I Thess. 5 reminds us that pastors should (labour; admonish; pray; preach)? 5:12 – labour & admonish

What pastoral duty does Hebrews 13 suggest (pastor; rule; beg; beseech)? 13:7 – rule

What pastoral duty does I Corinthians 11 suggest (exemplify; pray; preach; teach)? 11:1 – be an example

Which scripture outlines particular characteristics to look for in a pastor (I Tim. 3; II Tim. 2:25; Titus 1: Rev. 21)? Not Revelation

The pastor must not take oversight of God’s church (for filthy lucre; by constraint; the Lord’s glory; in abstentia)? I Pet. 5:2 – Feed the flock of God… taken the oversight … not by constraint but willingly….

According to Jeremiah. 3 from where do God’s pastors come (God’s churches; the Lord; Bible-teaching seminaries; Jerusalem)? Jeremiah 3:15 – I will give you pastors according to mine heart

Who is the pastor’s direct overseer (the bishop; the denominational president; the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls; the deacons)?

Of what, specifically, should the pastor be “apt” (to forget; organize; fits of anger; teach)? I T 3:2; II T 2:24

Heb. 13 teaches that the responsibility of God’s churches falls primarily on the shoulders of (the deacons; the party-organizers; the pastors; the founding fathers)? 13:17 – as they that must give account, that they

Certain Pastors:

One of the pastors of the church in Jerusalem was (Peter; Barnabas; James; Paul)? James Acts 21:18

The first Christian pastor was (James; John; Christ; Paul)? Christ

Which of these was likely the pastor at Corinth for a while – (Barnabas, Apollos; Titus; Timothy)? Apollos

Which of these pastored at Ephesus (Barnabas, Apollos, Titus; Timothy)? Timothy – I Tim. 4:6-16

Which of these pastored in Crete (Barnabas, Apollos, Titus; Timothy)? Titus – Titus 1:5

Which of these pastored at Ephesus for a while (John, Peter; Thomas; Elymas)? John