April 2018

Busy Month!

Resurrection Sunday the Lord blessed us with 23 people present! Six come once a year for the Resurrection Day service. They are relatives of Bro. and Sister Gaches. Outside of our regular eleven attendees the rest were lost folks who haven’t come back again. They were people who Bro. Ruben Torres had invited and who surprised him by their coming. Two of them work where he gets his hair cut, and the other was a friend of one of them. Anyway, our little auditorium was full and we rejoiced to be able to preach the Gospel to them. Actually, the visitors outnumbered the regular attendees!

The Latino Outreach

The Lord gave us opportunity to witness to two Latinos, Haydee Duran and her boyfriend, Carlos Hernandez. We gave them a Spanish Bible and a copy of Ultimate Questions and invited them to our services. I translated for Daniel Huerta Sanchez, and gave him a Gospel tract in Spanish entitled Repent or Perish. He is still in jail. Additionally, Roxanne and I went with Salomon and Raquel and family to the hospital to translate for him. The Lord gave us a wonderful opportunity to talk at length with them about spiritual things, a story too long for this report. Please continue to pray for the Lord to draw them unto Himself in salvation.

Additional Activities

We were able to attend the Bible Conference of Covenant Baptist Church, Bro. Daniel Chamberlin, Pastor, on the Friday evening of that Conference. Bro. Al Christian and Bro. Ruben Torres went with us.

I had another ultrasound image made of my heart activity. The doctor says that my ejection fraction is now at 20 to 25 %. The ejection fraction is the force that the heart is pumping the blood throughout the body. After my second attack my ejection fraction was at 10% to 15%. Last year it was at 15% to 20%. This year it is 20% to 25%! The Lord is strengthening me! Praise Him and thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray that the Lord might strengthen me yet more for His service and for His glory. I am struggling with low blood pressure and imbalance in the evenings after a day of activity.

Roofing Need!

I am surprised at how quickly the Lord has moved two of our supporting churches to send money to help us put a new roof on our house. Both our home church and Newby Baptist Church, Bro. Scott Guiley, Pastor, have responded to our need! We now have two thousand dollars toward a ten to fourteen thousand dollar project. If the Lord sends the money to us quickly, I will have the new roof put on as soon as possible If not, I intend to paint the ridge caps with liquid asphalt (tar) to slow down the action of the wind on them for a temporary fix.

By His grace and in loving gratitude,

Tim and Roxanne Parrow