A Serious Look at Biblical Weeping (#67) – Psalm 30:1-5

When we read the words “cry” and “crying” in the Bible the meaning is (weeping; lamenting; shouting; vociferation)? Any of these – vociferation = shouting

Who is the first Biblical character to be described as weeping (Adam; Noah; Abraham; Hagar)? H – 21:16

Was this person’s weeping justified (no; yes, because someone died; yes, because it indicated repentance; yes, because it was a joyful response to a blessing from God)?

Who is the second Biblical character to be described as weeping (Abraham; Sarah; Jacob; Esau)? 23:2

In this case, we learn that (weeping is sin; not even God’s saints can avoid grief; we should not sorrow even as others which have no hope; tears are a waste of time). Grief comes to allWhat caused Esau’s grief (sin; his mother’s death; his brother’s treachery; death)? Heb. 12:17 – Jacob

What caused Jacob to weep (his mother’s death; his expulsion from home; his sin; finding the Lord’s will for a wife)? Rachel – Gen. 29:11

What caused Esau’s tears in Gen. 33 (repentance, Jacob’s treachery; Jacob’s return; the death of his father)? Jacob’s return

Esau’s weeping spread to (Abraham; Sarah; Jacob; Rachel). Jacob – 33:4 Weeping may be caused by (sorrow; repentance; joy; Jehovah)? All of these

Jacob’s next tears came upon news of (his brother’s wrath; his son’s sinfulness; Joseph’s death; Benjamin’s arrest)? He was told that Joseph had died – 37:35

For whom did Joseph weep (himself; his brothers; his father; Benjamin)? Not for himself

For what did Israel weep in Exodus 2 (sin; bondage; freedom; a Saviour)? Freedom, bondage – Ex. 2:23

Who else wept in that chapter (Egypt; Jochebed; Moses; Pharaoh’s daughter)? Moses – Ex. 2:6

What brought the Egyptians to tears (rancid frogs; repentance for sin; blood in the water; death)? Ex. 12:30

For what did Israel weep in Num. 11 (their diet; sin; repentance; death of their first born)? 11:4 – lust

Who was angry over these tears (the husbands; the wives; the Lord; Moses)? God & Moses 11:10

At whose funeral did Israel weep (Aaron; Moses; Joshua; Joseph)? N 20:29 – Aaron; D 34:8 – Moses ??

According to Moses in Deut. 1, what did God do at the weeping of Israel (sent deliverance; sent quail; sent Joshua; He did nothing)? “But the Lord would not hearken to your voice” – 1:46

Why did Delilah weep (repentance; Samson got a hair cut; she wanted her way; her family were Philistines)?

Why did Naomi weep (she missed Israel; she missed Moab; she was leaving Ruth; she was saying good-bye to her daughters-in-law)? Ruth 1:9 – good-byes

Why did Hannah weep (she broke her favorite china cup; repentance; she was giving up her son; she was barren)? Barren – I Sam. 1:10

With whom did David shed some tears (Abigail; Saul; Michal; Jonathan)? I Sam. 20:41 – Jonathan

For what reason, after David saved his life, did Saul weep (a recognition of his own stupidity; sorrow for sin; failure to kill his rival; joy for an extended life)? I Sam. 24:16 – stupidity?

While still on the run from Saul, David wept at the destruction of what city (Jerusalem; Hebron; Ziklag; Ashkelon)? I Sam. 30:1 – Ziklag

David wept at the death of what “enemy” general (Sisera; Naaman; Amnon; Abner)? Abner – II Sam. 3:32

Because David wept for this man, others were brought to tears – who were the others (Joab and Abishai; the Syrians; Israel; the angels of God)? Israel – II Sam. 3:34

For which of his children did David weep (Absalom; Amnon; Bathsheba’s child; Nathan)? Nathan?

What brought Elisha to tears (Judah’s sin; Elijah’s death; Hazael’s future cruelty; his lost axe)? II K 8 – Hazael

Who wept over the death of Elisha (Mrs. Elisha; Elisha Jr; Josiah; Joash)? Joash – II K 13:14

Hezekiah wept over (his mother’s death; his impending death; the threat against Judah; the death of his pet turtle)? His death – II K 20:2-3; the threat of the Syrians – II Chron. 32:20???

Where was Israel when they hung up their harps on willow branches and wept (Babylon; Damascus; Jerusalem; Shiloh)? Babylon – Psa. 137:1

Which Biblical character is especially known for his weeping (Christ; David; Samuel; Jeremiah)?

What, generally speaking, was the thing which brought this man to tears (his sin; his joy in the Lord; Israel’s sins; Judah’s sins)? Judah –Jeremiah 9:1

What was it specifically which caused his tears (corrupt sacrifices; unbelief; slaughter; a vision of the Lord)?

Why did Nehemiah weep (he was losing his hearing; the death of the Babylonian king; the condition of Jerusalem; the spiritual condition of Judah)? Walls of the city – Neh. 1:4

In Ezra there were some old Jews who wept after the rebuilding of the temple; what made them so emotional (arthritis; joy; grief; building costs)? Ez. 10:1

Who wept before Ahasuerus (Vashti; Mordecai; Haman; Esther)? Esther 8:3

This could have (broken the king’s heart; brought about her execution; run her mascara; ended the marriage)?

At what news did Job weep (the lose of his cattle; the death of his children; the desertion of his wife; his attack of shingles)? None of these??? – Job 16:16

Why did Job’s friends weep (their friendship; that they couldn’t recognize what sin caused his problems; they were trained to weep at will; they were truly grieved)? Job 2:12

Early in the Book of Matthew many of the parents in what city wept (Jerusalem; Rama; Hebron; Bethlehem)?

Whom did Jesus tell to stop weeping with the words “be not afraid, only believe” (the disciples; the Syro-Phoenician woman; Jairus; a synagogue ruler)? Mark 5 – the last two

What caused that weeping in the first place (a little boy was sick; a little girl had died; Christ was too late arriving; they didn’t have money sufficient for a proper burial)? His daughter had died – grief

Jesus told the family (that tears were not appropriate; tears meant a lack of faith; the deceased was not dead; the deceased was with the angels). “The damsel is not dead, but sleepeth” – Mk. 5:39

What lesson is there in this for us (it is good to be with the angels; tears are inappropriate at funerals; Christ doesn’t know what He is talking about; we should sorrow not as others which have no hope)?

Where was Jesus when he told a woman “weep not” (Judah; Galilee; outside Nain; beside a funeral procession)? The last three – Lk 7

Who cried about the death of Lazarus (Jesus; Mary; Martha; their neighbors)? Jesus?

On this occasion, why did Jesus weep (death is a sad event; He grieved at the grief of the sisters; He feared Lazarus’ spiritual condition; unbelief in believers grieves Him).

Over what city did Jesus’ weep (Spokane; Jerusalem; Rome; Nazareth)? Luke 19:41

As Jesus went toward Calvary, some people wept; who were they (the disciples; the soldiers; a company of women; the angels of God)? Daughters of Jerusalem – Luke 23:28

Jesus told them not to weep for Him, but for (themselves; Jerusalem; their children; the upcoming tribulation)? All of these?

Who wept at Jesus’ tomb (Mary His mother; Mary Magdalene; Mary the mother of James and Joses; Mary Queen of Scots)? John 20:11 – Mary Magdalene

What brought Peter to tears in Matthew 26 (his sin; Jesus’ death; his mother-in-law’s death; Jesus’ harsh retort)? His sin

In Acts 9, there was weeping at Dorcas’ funeral; why (unbelief; some people realized that they didn’t know her full name; they were going to miss her good works and alms-deeds; natural grief)?

Why did Paul and the Ephesians weep together (joy at the Lord’s provisions; they were not likely to see one another again in this world; repentance for sin; Paul was dying from another stoning)? Acts 20

Paul was mindful of whose ministerial tears (his own; Peter’s; Titus’; Timothy’s)? II Tim. 1:4

John wept over (the body of Christ; his unfruitful ministry; the book with the seven seals; the church in Ephesus)? Rev. 5:5

John was told not to weep because (Peter survived the storm; the Lion would open the book; the Root of David would prevail; John would never die). Second and third

In Rev. 7 is it said that the saints of the tribulation will weep; why will they weep (their persecution; their unbelief; their joy in the Lord; relief)? “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes” All of these???

Who will weep at the second coming of Christ (the antichrist; Jeremiah; the saints; Israel)? Zech 12:10-12?

Who will weep at the fall of wicked city in Rev. 18 (Israel; the world’s merchants; Christ; the saints)? 18:19

Where shall there be weeping, wailing and gnashing (Hell; the Lake of Fire; Washington DC; Jerusalem)?